We are conscious of that we can achieve our goals just as meet the requirements of Quality Management System and continuously improvement.

 Accordingly our basic values;

 We are customer-focused.

We increase loyalty of our customer by creating sustainable customer value that meet the needs and expectations of our current and future customers at the utmost level.

We do leadership, we become a model.

To make real the change at the whole company, we continuously improve our values, ethic approaches, organizational culture under the leadership of our leaders. We display exemplary behavior for our employees as leaders.

We improve our employees and encourage participation of them.

On the basis of our success there is the most valuable entity “Our employees”. To reach the Great, by ensuring continuously improvement of our employees; we take their positive, constructive, creative participation to the top level.   

We continuously learn, we are innovator and creator.

We know that we reach to excellence by “Making a difference”. We ensure continuously improvement and development by learning and adding our innovative and creative ideas to all operations we carry out.

We manage by data, we are result-focused.

As we know that our results are output of our processes, we build required systems to manage our processes efficiently. To reach more successful results by evaluating the conformity of outputs to our goal, we continuously improve our processes.

We aim to balance and meet the expectations of our shareholders (Customers, employees, society, business partners, stoke holders) at all operations we carry out and we focus on the results that make happy our shareholders.

We respect to legal requirements.

We respect to all legal requirements that we are responsible for during our processes.

We develop business partners.

Pre-condition of production “Quality output” is usage of “Quality input”. We develop long term business partners with our suppliers that provide input for our company.

We are conscious of our corporate social responsibility.

To raise healthy generations for future and to make real our ethic values on top level, we take an active role on development of our environment and society, we fulfill our corporate social responsibilities without any compromise.