Our organization has fulfilled the requirements of R&D Centers in compliance with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology's Law No. 5746 and became the 846th of our country and the first R&D Center in the steel wire and rope sector.

Recognizing that innovation and R&D activities are the most important factors in connecting the companies of today with the future and achieving sustainable and profitable growth targets; Çelik Halat ve Tel San. Inc. has adopted the Strategic Road Map, Innovation and New Product Development as the driving force.

In this context, our mission;

Continuous improvement of all our processes with the full participation of our employees,

To provide products and services beyond our expectations by applying environment-friendly, advanced process and product technologies,

To meet the expectations of all our stakeholders as a company that directs the market..

Our main target is to provide import substitution and increase export figures with our steel rope and wire sector projects. We aim to carry out our products with plastic core ropes and high rope ratio compact rope production in the production of steel wire rope, to bring our products with longer life performance resistance to the market, to give our ropes to the port cranes and special application areas that use mainly imported ropes.

We aim to create our own know-how with our work on wire, to complete the shortcomings we see in the sector within the scope of reaching the highest dynamic performance of the wire which is the building block of our products and to fulfill our social responsibility by reducing the negative effects of chemical cleaning processes and improving the environmentally friendly alternative methods.

We support the project-based studies of our university collaborations with our graduate and doctorate students, and establish our academy-industry bridge, and we are rapidly moving towards the development of state-supported projects, articles and publications by our research staff.