As Çelik Halat ve Tel Sanayii A.Ş.; our primary goal in all of our activities is to continuously develop and improve our work on this subject without causing negative effects on the environment and human health.

In parallel with the Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policies of Artaş Group which we are a member of;

The basic principles of our environment, occupational health and safety policy:

To obey the regulations for occupational health and safety through awareness of the environment.

• We fulfill legal and other requirements about environment, occupational health and safety and comply with all legislation.
• We identify and define priorly the environmental impacts, all kinds of dangers, situations that can cause work accidents or occupational diseases resulted from the activities carried out in our company. We perform an effective risk analysis to prevent probabilities. We continuously review our related documents and keep them updated.
• We use energy and natural resources in a way to a bare minimum consumption. We use new technologies to achieve this.
• By keeping wastes under control, we ensure that wastes are separated at the source, evaluated and disposed properly by reducing their negative effects.
• We aim to create an environmental, occupational health and safety culture and make it a lifestyle.
• We make preparations for dangerous situations. We train our employees to prevent emergencies and if happens to minimize their effects and dangers. We raise awareness by emergency drills. If necessary, we inform our close neighbors and the community.
• We use new technologies to produce products that do not harm the environment and human health. In this way, we continuously improve ourselves. In this direction, we guarantee that we will provide the necessary cooperation for our employees, suppliers and customers to carry out their parts fully and completely.

Air emission environmental permit